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Jack and the Doctor.

John and David.

doing the Doctor Who theme tune.

(listen here)

This is the first time this has appeared on my dash, this is unaceptable, I want this everyday.

Can we make this an always reblog yes or yes.

im pretty sure that is the first and only time the host has ever smiled on the show

John Barrowman you are Jack Harkness. 


You could put John Barrowman next to a puppy, and I’d probably pick John Barrowman.

The Doctor and the Dancer (Part 1)


(TenxRose ballet company au E 1200 words)

Rose massaged her feet absentmindedly as the girls around her gathered their belongings into bags and slipped street shoes onto their own feet. Rehearsal had been particularly taxing that day for Rose; this was the first time she had earned a more prominent role in a show, and she was paying the price for her reward. Yesterday she had come to the conclusion that she was as sore as she could be. Today, however, she was proven wrong by her own limbs, which felt even more worn out than they had the day before. But she had worked hard for this part, she reminded herself, and she deserved it.

“You coming, Rose?” Sheri asked as she drew her coat on. Her friend pulled her dark hair out from under the collar and gathered it up into a loose bun. “We can walk back together, if you like.”

“I’m going to be another mo,’” Rose responded, leaning back against the wall behind her. “You go on ahead. See you tomorrow, though, yah?”

“As always,” Sheri said with a grin. “Be safe, okay?”

Rose nodded. “You, too, Sher.”

Sheri joined the last group of girls making their way out of the dressing room. Rose breathed a sigh of relief, thankful for a bit of time to herself. The last two years with one of England’s most renowned ballet companies had stretched Rose in ways she’d not thought possible, even with all her years of training and study. But her mother hadn’t worked all those jobs for nothing, and Rose felt a sense of responsibility to all the other girls growing up on estates who dreamed of being ballerinas. She was the one who would show them that it was possible. Most days, her goal was easy; she loved dancing, she enjoyed being with the other dancers in her company, and she barely had any time to think about the lack of any real social life she had. But today the enormity of what she was doing loomed heavy over her, and she just wished her feet would stop aching.

In an effort to motivate herself to get off the floor and change into her other clothes, Rose pulled off the loose t-shirt she had been wearing over her leotard. She tossed it in the direction of her bag but remained slouched on the ground, not wanting to face the reality that she still had to walk home, make dinner, and shower, all before she could crawl into bed. She groaned and briefly contemplated spending the night on the floor right where she sat.

But then someone else entered the room, whistling and sounding not at all like any of the girls coming back for a forgotten hairband or water bottle. Rose scrambled to her feet and yanked her sweater out of her bag.

“Um, hello?” she said loudly, desperately hoping that no criminals in town had a penchant for blonde dancers left alone in their changing rooms late at night.

The whistling stopped, and a head poked around the corner. “Oh, hello! I didn’t realize anyone was in here!” The man stepped fully into view. He was tall and lanky, with brown hair that reached up and out but somehow didn’t seem completely out of control. He squeaked one of his chucks on the ground and nudged his glasses back up on his nose before holding a hand out to Rose. “I’m the Doctor,” he announced, apparently unfazed by this unusual meeting.

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:) I’m proud. Click here for big version.

I did it based on various documents I found on the internet (most of which are from here), please note that it is not for translating stuff from the show, as most of that was just thrown together.

I wanted to follow the “100,000” letters thing, but to a more manageable leve, so you get 44 letters :) (so far).

Sorry it goes all sloped, but that’s how I roll (down a slope?).

Please feel free to use it at your gay abandon.

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